How Much Does A Ticket Cost?

All Movies In The Park events are free due to the generosity of our sponsors.

What Time Does The Movies Start?

All movies have kid-friendly start times of sundown (not dark). In some locations, the movie may start earlier than sundown, so we suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes before sundown to each event.

Can I Bring a Picnic?

Yes and No. In all locations, except for the Alpharetta location, you may bring a picnic. Alcohol is not allowed.

At the Alpharetta location, you may bring bottled water and special needs food.

Will There Be Food Available To Purchase At The Events?

Yes, movie snack foods and drinks are available for purchase at each event.

Are There Seats? What Do I Sit On?

You will want to bring something comfortable to sit on. Items like chairs, blankets, air mattresses, bean bags and floor pillows are all good choices. If you choose a chair, be sure it is a low back chair so that others sitting behind you can see the inflatable movie screen.

At the Alpharetta location, amphitheater seating is provided.

What Should I Wear?

For comfort, be sure to dress appropriately. Summer time outdoor movies can sometimes get into the high 90′s, even at night. For autumn events, bring a jacket.

After sunset in the fall, the temperature will drop and may get chilly. Dressing in layers is always a good idea, in case the weather changes during the event. Also be sure to bring bug spray for summer outdoor movie events to avoid uncomfortable bug bites.

Safety is another concern. Be sure to bring a flashlight with you so you can safely find your way to the car after the event. You will also want to make sure to check the area around you for anything that may have fallen out of your pockets.

Are Young Children Welcomed At The Events?

Many outdoor movie events are family friendly. Sometimes a movie event can be crowded. If you have young children in tow, show your children where the projection area is and instruct them to go there if they get lost or can’t find their way back to where you are sitting. The projectionist will most likely have a microphone to make an announcement.

What If It Rains?

Weather cancellations will be made at www.facebook.com/GaMoviesInThePark

The Alpharetta location is rain or shine.

Can I Bring My Pet?

Dogs and other pets are not permitted. Only service dogs are allowed.

Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking is not permitted, including electronic cigarettes.

Can You Play The Closed Captioning?

Please notify us several days before the event with your request. Some movie titles require us to obtain a special copy of the movie with a closed caption option.